Why Delaware?

Delaware has become a popular choice for businesses to incorporate. Why is that? One of the main advantages is Delaware’s business-friendly legal environment. The state has a well-established and highly respected Court of Chancery that specializes in business disputes. This court has a long history of making fair and consistent decisions, which provides businesses with a sense of stability and predictability. Another key benefit is Delaware’s corporate law structure. The state offers flexible and modern corporate laws that provide significant protections for shareholders and directors. These laws allow for greater flexibility in terms of governance, allowing businesses to tailor their corporate structure to meet their specific needs. Delaware also offers tax advantages for businesses. The state does not impose sales tax on intangible assets such as stocks or intellectual property, making it an attractive option for companies involved in these industries. Furthermore, Delaware has a strong infrastructure that supports businesses. It has a well-developed banking system, robust transportation networks, and access to major markets along the East Coast. Lastly, forming a business in Delaware can enhance credibility and attract investors. Many investors are familiar with Delaware’s business-friendly reputation and may view companies incorporated there as more reliable and trustworthy. Overall, choosing to form your business in Delaware offers numerous benefits such as favorable legal environment, flexible corporate laws, tax advantages, strong infrastructure support, and enhanced credibility. However, it is important to consult experts before making any decisions regarding incorporation to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Contact Professional Filing & Search Services, Inc. and let us handle your business needs!