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Chapter 27, Statutes of 2017 (SB 94 Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review)
(Effective June 27, 2017)

Enacts the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) permitting licensed commercial cannabis activities and, commencing January 1, 2018, authorizes three or more natural persons with California state cultivation licenses, to form a cannabis cooperative corporation by filing articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State. Shareholders of a cannabis cooperative association are limited to cultivators who hold only a single Type 1 or Type 2 license.  Shareholders also cannot grow more than four acres of total canopy size of cultivation throughout California.  Additional limitations are contained in new Business and Professions Code sections 26220 et seq.  More information regarding Type 1 or Type 2 cultivation licenses, is available at calcannabis.cdfa.ca.gov. Beginning January 1, 2018, Cannabis Cooperative Association Articles of Incorporation will be available on our cannabizfile website.