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Professional Filing & Search Services, Inc. offers a vast variety of business services for new and existing business.
Professional Filing & Search Services, Inc. offers a range of business services within the United States and international jurisdictions. Our business services include business entity filings, document search & retrieval, along with Apostille/Legalization of corporate and personal documents.

File for a new business entity, amend, merge, or withdrawal/dissolve an existing entity.

Whether you represent a client for legal or accounting services, or you are a small business owner looking to incorporate or handle your own business service transactions, Professional Filing & Search Services, Inc. can file the appropriate documentation to qualify and set up a new business entity, as well as amendment, merger, withdrawal, and dissolution filings for existing business entities.  If you operate as a DBA, we can even provide the appropriate filing and publication of your DBA.  We can also provide corporate kits and supplies for your business entity as well.  Additionally, Professional Filing & Search Services, Inc. can handle your business tax filings, payments, and annual reports.

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Document Search & Retrieval

Request UCC, lien, real property & litigation Searches, certificates of good standing, business and tax document retrievals, plain or certified copies of business filings and more.

Professional Filing & Search Services Inc. offers document search and retrieval services. We will handle any search and retrieval request, big or small from Federal, State, County, and International jurisdictions. As a leading provider to law firms, title companies, and lending institutions, we take pride in providing the best and precise services.

Professional Filing & Search Services, Inc. offers a wide range of business record and document search and retrieval services. We specialize in the search and retrieval of business records and documents from federal, state, county, & international jurisdictions. We are also able to obtain tax status letters from many Department of Revenue offices along with the California Franchise Tax Board. Our services have been provided to law firms, title companies and lending institutions Nationwide. From single entity/single state searches and document retrievals, to large businesses with multiple entities in multiple states, Professional Filing & Search Services, Inc. can gather all the appropriate data and documents for you or your client’s needs for corporate, legal, and tax record retention and compliance. In addition, we can obtain or develop bringdown/status certificates for those who desire a non-certified document of the status of a business entity as of a specified date.

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Let Us Help You Form Your New Business

For as little as $89 plus state fees, Professional Filing & Search Services, Inc. provides all the tools necessary to form your business in minutes. Expedited/Rush requests to file and form your business entity can also be provided*.

*Additional expedited/rush service and state filing fees may apply.

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    “Professional Filing & Search Services, Inc. is the only corporate service company that I use for all of my needs. I have been using Margaret Collins for over 20 years and she is the most efficient and service oriented person for this work. I do a lot of large projects involving all 50 states and international jurisdictions, and they are always done with precise accuracy in a short amount of time.”– Senior Paralegal, Rated Tier One law firm for Corporate Law

    Corporations and LLCs

    Forming and operating an LLC or a corporation is sometimes worth it for a small business owner. The main benefit of an LLC or a corporation is that these entities limit the owners’ personal liability for business debts and court judgments against the business itself.

    The corporation is an independent entity and is separate from the people who own and manage it.  The corporation pays tax on its own corporate profits and the owners do not use their personal tax returns to pay tax. Owners of the corporation only pay personal income tax on the money they draw from the corporation in the form of salaries and bonuses.

    LLCs provide limited personal liability for business debts and claims. But when it comes to taxes, LLCs are more like partnerships and the owners of an LLC pay taxes on their shares of the business income on their personal tax returns.

    Nonprofit Corporations

    A nonprofit corporation is a corporation formed for a charitable, educational, religious, or scientific purpose. A nonprofit raises funds by requesting public and private grant money along with donations from individuals and other businesses. The federal and state tax departments do not generally tax nonprofit corporations on money they take in that is related to their nonprofit purpose.

    Limited Partnerships

    Limited partnerships can be complicated to run, and are not recommended for most small business owners. Limited partnerships are usually formed by one person or entity, known as the general partner, who will request investments from others, known as the limited partners. The general partner oversees most operations and is personally liable for business debts (unless the general partner is a corporation or an LLC). Limited partners don’t have a lot of control over the operations or business decisions, so they are usually not personally liable for business debts or claims.


    Each state has very specific laws when it comes to the formation of Cooperatives. In some states, you can file paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office to have on record in that office. Check with your Secretary of State’s office or corporate law attorney for more information.